œSEM is the fastest way to generate qualified traffic to our website

Campaigns of Google Adwords

What is a campaign of google Adwords?

One is a campaign of sponsored announcements in the network search of Google. It is the fastest form to be able to increase the number of qualified visitors to his website.

With the campaigns of Google Adwords it will be able to appear in the first position search (of sponsored announcements) for some certain key words.

What is the PPC?

It is the system of Payment By Click. Unlike the traditional publicity, in the publicity online we can only pay by the people who cliqueen in our announcement, that is to say, the people who visit our website.


Characteristics of the campaigns of Google Adwords:

  •     Study of key words.
  • Creation of the campaigns of announcements of Google Adwords.
  • Management, control and pursuit of the campaign.
  • Shipment of monthly report of the campaign.


What advantages have this type of publicity?

We can segment our objective public to the maximum: we can choose the zone where we want that is our announcement (city, province, country,¦) as well as the hour of the day in which one will be. We will be able to realise concrete announcements for certain key words and that when doing click will direct to the user to the information of the service or product of our Web that the user is looking for.

Control at any moment of the campaign: we can choose how much we want to spend every month, every day, and until how much we want to pay by each click. It is not necessary to hope much to see the results: we can see the results of each keyword, each announcement, and modify our strategy in real time.

Methodology of work

  • 1. Meeting with the client

    It is fundamental to know the objectives the Web of the client, his competitive advantages, the products and services that offer, to detect the needs of his company, as well as its real possibilities.

    If a physical meeting is not possible, it is possible to be arranged by telephone, Skype or e-mail.

  • 2. Study of market

    We make a study of the websites of the competition that at the moment are competing appearing in the campaigns of sponsored connections of Google.

  • 3. Study of key words (keywords)

    We make a study of kewywords (key words) from a listing of words realised jointly with the client. Of him conclusions will be extracted to design the campaign. Also the cost by click in an announcement will be considered approximately.

  • 4. Creation of the campaign and its group of announcements

    We present a proposal to the way client online, so that the client can see it in a navigating one how she works. On the basis of her we are realising modifications until reaching a satisfactory solution by the client.

  • 5. Pursuit and evolution

    It is controlled that announcements have good percentage of CTR (times that cliquea in the announcement with respect to every time it is), add key words, are created new announcements, etc. Monthly is sent to the client a report to him of results.

Budget of campaigns of Google Adwords

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