œSEO is to be in the site adapted at the opportune moment


Search engine optimization SEO)

What is search engine optimization? They are those techniques that try to optimize their webpage so that it appears in the first positions search for some determined key words. Search engine optimization does not try to increase the visits, but to increase qualified visits, that is to say, visits to it of quality, that will have discharge probability of transforming itself into clients and we support our client with unique dedicated server ip.

We work the positioning in the factors on-page (that they have to do with its website) and in off - page (the reputation of its site, the connections which they aim at him, etc).

We realise a positioning by means of in finders according to the good practices and policies of Google, that is the used finder more in Spain so that its Web does not undergo penalties.

In positioning subjects Web, we collaborated with the consultant SEO Julio Romero, who helps us to define the best strategies for each website.


Characteristics of search engine optimization:

  • Study of key words for its business.
  • Statistical analyses with Google Analytics.
  • Analysis of the results: measurement of the positions in Google for the terms nails chosen.
  • Information of evolution and monthly results.
  • Audit of indexabilidad of the website.


When be hoped can results?

The SEO is a long term work, in contrast with the sponsored campaigns, in which results are obtained immediately. This does not mean that we cannot raise to positions in the listings search for key words from few days or weeks, but to observe some quality results will depend on many factors as they are the competition of the sector, the quality of the Web (quality of content, state of the indexabilidad, frequency of update, and budget unlimited hosting¦) the reputation online, the antiquity of the domain, etc.

Methodology of work

  • 1. Meeting with the client

    It is fundamental to know the objectives the Web of the client, his competitive advantages, the products and services that offer, to detect the needs of his company, as well as its real possibilities.

    If a physical meeting is not possible, it is possible to be arranged by telephone, Skype or e-mail.

  • 2. Study of key words (keywords)

    Using the different tools from key words, and analyzing its competition, we made a listing of key words to position its business.

  • 3. Study of indexabilidad

    We will analyze his website in search of the possible deficiencies and opportunities, to analyze how its Web is realised, to as much see which is the best solution, level on-page as in off - page. Normally to realise a positioning, he is advisable to realise some changes in the Web, a reconstruction of contents, creation of sections, etc.

  • 4. Plan of work

    On the basis of the realised audit, an action plan will be elaborated and dates will settle down in which they will be realised the different changes in the Web, as well as all the actions on-page and in off - page.

  • 5. Pursuit and evolution

    Every month a report of the work carried out will be sent to the client, including a listing of the evolution of positions of its Web for the different key words.

Budget of search engine optimization

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