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Publication design and model-making

Maquetamos books, magazines, catalogues, dossiers of company,¦ We realised designs of scale models bases (style of the pages, typographies, images, sizes, formats, columns, etc) for all publication type.

If you have a magazine or bulletin that you realise periodically and you want to renew its image, or you want that a professional is in charge of his model-making, we offer our service to you of publication model-making. Our designs are 100% original and adapted to the needs and preferences of our clients.


Characteristics of the publication model-making:

  • Pamphlet design and its format (you fold, dies, finished.).
  • Advising on the publication type to realise (optimization costs, formats, supports).
  • Design of scale model bases of the publication in .INDD.
  • Design of cover and back cover.
  • Delivery of all the material in vectorial format (.INDD) and preparation for its impression (.PDF).
  • If the client were interested, also we would be in charge of its impression.


How much cost does a model-making?

As the work of model-making depends on the number of pages that it has, text, images, etc, we like to know the concrete characteristics the work, to know the time that she is going to us to imply and thus to be able to give a budget the most fit to the needs of the client.


When be will ready the model-making?

The downtime we establish it in agreement with the needs of the client and considering the concrete characteristics of the work, since the model-making of a publication depends much on the number of pages that takes, as well as the number of images that there are search, etc.

Methodology of work

  • 1. Meeting with the client

    It is fundamental to know the philosophy the client, the communication language that usually uses in its Web if it owns, as well as previous publicity and publications. One is to analyze the one that it is looking for, his preferences, to be able to advise and search the best solution to him. If a physical meeting is not possible, it is possible to be arranged by telephone, Skype or e-mail.

    After the meeting maintained with the client a detailed budget is elaborated and the downtimes for the design of the calling card settle down.

  • 2. Study of market

    If the work implies the design of the scale model bases, we are realised a study of the sector, the competition of our client, its real needs and on the basis of all this, we began to realise tests.

  • 3. Proposals and changes

    Usually we present a proposal to the client, with its argumentations, via e-mail. On the basis of this proposal, they are realised partial or total modifications of the design of the pamphlet until reaching a satisfactory solution by the client.

  • 4. Delivery of the pamphlet design

    Usually we present a proposal of masterful page (one by section), with its argumentations, via e-mail. Itself it is work of model-making, we presented the maquetada publication directly, for its modifications and corrections, as well as propose of cover and back cover.

    On the basis of the proposal, they are realised partial or total modifications of the publication until reaching a satisfactory solution by the client.

Budget of model-making

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