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Design of corporative Identity

If you have a company and would like to change you that corporative identity and to update it to the new times. If you have in mind or you are creating a new business, we offer our service to you of design of corporative identity, realised by a qualified professional in Graphical Design and Marketing.

Our corporative identities are 100% original and adapted to the needs and preferences of our clients. We create corporative identities dividing of concepts inspired by the philosophy and characteristics of his company.


What includes the design of the corporative identity?

  •  Election of corporative colors PANTONE, CMYK and RGB.
  • Design of corporative stationery store and applications: design, calling card design of paper letter, design of envelopes, design of corporative folders, corporative seal, companies of e-mail, transformation of social networks, and other corporative element that the client needs.
  • Manual of corporative identity.
  • Impression of the stationery store pieces if the client were interested.


How much cost does the design of the corporative identity?

As the work of design is a customized and exclusive work, we like to know the concrete characteristics the work, to know the time that she is going to us to imply and thus to be able to give a budget the most fit to the needs of the client.


As soon as time I will have my corporative identity?

The downtime we establish it according to the needs of the client, considering that the design of a corporative identity implies a series of steps: proposals and modifications until giving with the definitive version, but in principle, the process does not have why to last more than two or three weeks.

Methodology of work

  • 1. Meeting with the client

    It is fundamental to know the philosophy the company, his sector, to analyze what it is looking for, the preferences of his company, to be able to advise and search the best solution to him. If a physical meeting is not possible, it is possible to be arranged by telephone, Skype or e-mail.

    After the meeting maintained with the client a detailed budget is elaborated and the downtimes for the design of the logo settle down.

  • 2. Study of market

    If the company already has previous a corporative identity, we studied everything what works and what no. We realised a study of the sector, the competition of our client, its real needs and on the basis of all this, we began to realise sketches.

  • 3. Proposals and changes

    First of all, we presented a proposal of logo to the client, with the principles in which we have been based to reach that solution. From there, we are realising the pertinent modifications until arriving at the definitive logo. Later, they will be developed to all the pieces of stationery store and applications, with his corresponding changes. Finally, all the material is compiled and the manual of corporative identity is elaborated.

  • 4. Delivery of the corporative identity in digital format

    When the work is finalized, we gave to the manual of corporative identity in .PDF as well as all the pieces of design in vectorial format and its respective final arts.

Budget of corporative Identity

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