Pares or Nones  corporative Identity

Pares or Nones corporative Identity

Design of logo and development of the corporative image for new store in Seville.

Pairs or nones are a company dedicated on sale of toys and to the accomplishment of factories for children and families. It was wanted to make much emphasis in the game in family, value that wanted to differentiate on all the things. Also they wanted an own mascot that it could give game to use in the publicity.

The result was a logo formed by three fingers, doing reference to the name of the company, in which the fingers represent a father, a mother and a son. A dry and œredondita wood typography was chosen. In center of the logo, the circle that for of letter œor has been including in its interior an icon of the traditional game of pairs or nones.

paresonones-logo-1paresonones-senaleticaparesonones-cardparesonones-tarjeta2paresonones-puzzle1paresonones-puzzleparesonones-it platesparesonones-you plateto paresonones-flyerparesonones-flyer2