Mart­nez Escribano Abogados  corporative Identity

Mart­nez Escribano Abogados corporative Identity

Design of the corporative identity for the important office of lawyers Mart­nez Escribano. One is an important office that it counts on all the experience of Alfonso Mart­nez Escribano, and wanted to transmit that experience and professionalism. As well, it is an office that is growing and with young and prepared people, reason why wanted to be unmarked of the traditional image of lawyers. As far as the colors, they wanted that the main color was the blue one.

The result is a logo that is resembled the decorations or medals that the military by their profits obtain, to transmit that experience that looked for. We use dry wood typographies that give serious a present image at the same time as.

It was realised in addition to the design, the impression of all the pieces: paper letter, calling cards, folders with lapel, notebooks, etc.