Of spoon and possesor  corporative Identity

Of spoon and possesor corporative Identity

Design of logo and development of the corporative image for restaurant of food to take in Sanlºcar the Major (Seville).

œOf spoon and possesor it is a unique restaurant in Seville: authentic Valencian paella and pizzas in firewood furnace elaborate. Everything to take or if you also prefer you can take a cover in the premises. They make food, as its own name indicates, of spoon and possesor. A logo was elaborated that memorable, simple and outside original: it was used ˜ampersand™, the symbol œ& to unite the spoon and the possesor, within a paella pan. They were many concepts that conform unaimagen very fresh and versatile. The brand has versions in horizontal and vertical, and a version reduced with the integrated symbol.

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