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Corporative design of Web

Nowadays to have a webpage is the minimum to be accessible to any client or company. But it is not worth with this, but your website must be coherent with your company, with the services that realise, with the image that wants to transmit its clients. A Web is in many cases the calling card of a company, and is fundamental to have a taken care of, present image to be able to transmit professionalism and confidence to its visitors.

We realise autogestionables Webs by the own client, with a simple handling to be able to manage it and to update it without cost some. Our websites are optimized for search engine optimization, oriented to appear in the first positions of the network search of Google. We helped him to that the visitors of their Web become their clients.


Characteristics of corporative Dise±o of Web:

  • Design of the website developed with CMS ¨.
  • ¨ Management of hosting, domain and accounts of e-mail.
  • ¨ Insertion of all the content and load of images.
  • ¨ Optimization for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Adapted for the usability of the user in different navigators and devices.
  • Integration with Google Analytics (statistical of the visits).
  • ¨ Integration with google Maps.
  • ¨ Connection with social networks ¨.
  • Manual of use and advising online for the use of the Web.


How much cost does the design of a website?

As the work of the design of a website is a customized and exclusive work, and that depends as much on the nature as of lamagnitud of the work, we it likes to know the concrete characteristics the work, to know the time that it is going to us to imply and thus to be able to give a budget the most fit to the needs of the client.


How long I will take in having my ready Web?

The downtime we establish it according to the needs of the client, and based on the nature of the project. The design of a website depends on the magnitude of the work: the number of sections that it has, if you have versions in several languages, etc. In any case, for a simple Web with the content structured preparation and, the process can last couple of weeks. During the process of development of the website, we will design a page œin construction to inform to the visitors.

Methodology of work

  • 1. Meeting with the client

    It is fundamental to know the philosophy the company, his sector, to analyze what it is looking for, the preferences of his company, to be able to advise and search the best solution to him. If a physical meeting is not possible, it is possible to be arranged by telephone, Skype or e-mail.

    After the meeting maintained with the client a detailed budget is elaborated and the terms of work for the design of the webpage settle down.

  • 2. Study of market

    If the company already has a website, we analyzed to see it the situation from which we left: what works and what no, to know what we must change. In the same way, also we make a study of the websites of the competition, that will give an idea us than at the moment it is needed in a Web of the sector in which we move.

  • 3. Design of the structure of the Web

    The architecture settles down Web of the content, based on its usability: the importance for the visitors, probability of conversion and search engine optimization.

  • 4. Web Design

    Usually we present a sketch or scheme of the Web (wireframe) to the client, with the structure of the site, sections, model-making¦ Modifications are realised until reaching a solution in dialogue with the client.

  • 5. Development and programming of the Web

    When the design scheme is approved, we passed to the phase of development and programming, in which we are implementing all the code and at the same time as we introduce the content of the Web.

  • 6. Corrections and testeo

    We present a proposal to the way client online, so that the client can see it in a navigating one how she works. On the basis of her we are realising changes and corrections until reaching a satisfactory solution by the client. Also testeo of the Web is realised in different devices and navigators to adapt its operation.

  • 7. Activation of the website

    We raise all the archives hosting that it has been contracted and the website activates. We give a document for the updates of the Web. For more complex Webs we gave an actual tutorial class. , Loans advising in the same way online to resolve the possible doubts that to the client are to him arising.

Budget of design Web

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